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House Plans in Ghana by Professional Licensed Architects.

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Poor Housing Delivery Remains a National Headache in Ghana.Only 8% of Ghanaians can afford to buy a house or home without mortgage …and yet only 15% of the population can access mortgages for these houses.

This has led majority of Ghanaian to believe that developers pay too much attention to providing houses and homes for the upper class at the expense of low cost housing for the average income earner.
Well there you have it.

With our Ghana Building planshouse plans in Ghana and home plans, you are on your way to acquiring your own house or home.

pawako 4 bedroom building plan 3

Having a house plan at hand can motivate your to start…

…And building your own home is not an event but a process.



West 5 bedroom building plan in ghana
West 5 bedroom building plan in ghana

Have you bought a piece of land and intend to put up a house of your own? We believe that you will save time and money by ordering one of our house plans in Ghana .

All our house plans in Ghana and architectural plans are the lowest you can find on the web in Ghana, in terms of price. Purchasing of stock building plans and building designs is the most economical way to get your house and home plan. It is also the quickest.

Give us a call and you will have your stock house plan in less than 72 hours. All our building designs and plans have been designed by Professional Licensed Architects in Ghana.

We offer customized building and architectural designs also. Our architectural designs are very unique and stylish too and have been designed for the Tropical conditions Ghana.